Complete Quantitative Aptitude Guide for Competitive Exams

Complete Quantitative Aptitude Beginners Guide

Dear Aspirant, We provided a complete beginners guide for preparation of Arithmetic contents those are very important in scoring. Different types of examples are discussed with important formulas to learn in an easy way. For every chapter, we discussed shortcut methods and tricks to solve in a quick way.



  1. Tables, Powers, Squares, Square roots, Cubes, Cube Roots
  2. Fractions and Decimals
  3. Number System – Important Concepts and Divisibility Rules

Simplification – Tricks and Shortcut Methods

  1. Multiplications – Shortcut Methods
  2. Finding of Square Value – Shortcut Method
  3. Square Root Value – Shortcut Method
  4. Finding Cube Value – Shortcut Method
  5. Cube Root Value – Shortcut Method
  6. Additions
  7. BODMAS Rule – Problems Tricks
  8. Surds and Indices
  9. LCM and HCF

Number Series – Solved Problems and Shortcut Methods

Number Series – Patterns and Sequences with Tricks

Miscellaneous Chapters – Tricks and Shortcut Methods

  1. Average Concepts and Solved Problems
  2. Age Calculation Concepts
  3. Percentage Concept Based Problems
  4. Profit and Loss – DIscount
  5. Ratio and Proportion
  6. Time and Work
  7. Pipes and Cisterns
  8. Speed, Time and Distance
  9. Train Concept Base Problems and Tricks
  10. Boats and Streams
  11. Alligation and Mixture
  12. Simple Interest
  13. Compound Interest
  14. Probability
  15. Permutations and Combinations
  16. Mensuration – Area, Perimeter, Volume
  17. Mensuration Formula Sheet PDF
  18. Trigonometry
  19. Co-ordinate Geometry (Upcoming)
  20. Data Interpretation (Upcoming)

Recommended Books for Practice

Best Recommended Books for Quantitative Aptitude

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